Open Job Positions

Historical Fiction Writer

Do you have the passion of telling stories, building worlds, creating characters and studying history? We need you!

We build VR experience about the past and we bring back the lost and forgotten lives of those who gave us the our world. We want to fill the environments we make with story and characters. That's where you come in!

You will help with the following:

  • Fleshing out of historical figures based on the known facts.
  • Researching the daily lives of people from the relevant era and region.
  • Develop primary and secondary characters fitting for the scenery.
  • Write enticing storylines that resonate with people and give them an experience to remember.
  • Work on dialog for the scenes and informative texts.
  • Your work will be the basis for the visual artists to build the virtual experience.

You have experience in:

  • Thinking up characters that feel alive.
  • Writing stories that make a world feel bigger than what's actually shown.
  • Understanding what speculation is plausible and believable.
  • Proficient language skills.
  • Working together in a creative team and getting and giving feedback.
  • Basic historical knowledge and research

The job will be per project for now, based on contract and remote, since we don't have an office yet. Possibly if the company grows there can be options for becoming a permanent employee.

Send your application and some previous work to "[email protected]"