Work In Progress / 20 November 2018

Oh no! We did it wrong!

While I was a enjoying some week of retreat in a small village in central France, the historians came up with some interesting discoveries. An opportunity for more research but it also means we need to redo some parts we've done before. Apparently a drawing of the complete west side of the town that we have missed so far. 

Here is a cutout of a bigger image. The author, sadly though, has a terrible sense of perspective and detail, so we could only use this in combination with the older sources we already knew about. And also take in consideration that this is not the most trust worthy source. The house in question is right behind the mill. We assumed that one of the other map painters mistook this so called Flemish facade as another large front house. this is why we should 4 high houses counting from the right. This didn't add up with a source that said that the house owned by Rembrandt's father was the 3rd from the right. Because we know his house was not a high one.

As you can see below, we solved this by changing the slender house to a one with a side facing roof and now the 4th triangle facade is part of the house of Rembrandt's family. There is now one front door too many, so we will probably remove the most right one and have this part be internally connected to the middle. Be sure to look at the older blog-posts to see what has been changed.

The whole thing is still not perfect, but we are more and more confident of the final result. I honestly love these kinds of discoveries, it's like a giant mystery puzzle, or complex Nonogram. where you only get various perspectives of a subject and you are trying to figure out the whole picture.

Next up we will switch the project up a bit and revisit our lovely windmills. We found some magnificent drawings and paintings from Rembrandt himself of windmills just like his fathers, it would be a shame not to use these for inspiration.