Antique Cups and Bottles - 15th to 18th century - Netherlands

Pottery is an unmissable thing in daily live. Many cultures have taken their own approach in their journeys turning dirt into tools. As such pottery is often a key part in cultural expression throughout the ages. From richly decorated fragile china, story telling on greek pots, to terracotta clay pots from the west, history of daily life is often reflected in these many items.

>=~ Dutch Pottery ~=<

Dutch and Flemish pottery of the past hundred years was often very practical. Early own we see preference for big beer mugs, simple but practical corked bottles, and the very prominent mass produced clay pipe. Terracotta earthenware was a staple of the dutch pottery, not only that but brick, floor tiles and roof tiles were also often orange to red.

* Reference: The Drinker by Flemish painter Adriaen Brouwer

>=~ Technical Details ~=<

The pottery models are included in two levels of detail to be used for closeup or from a distance. Textures are presented in PBR usable for real-time or ray-traced rendering.

  • Triangles: 18,980
  • Vertices: 10,073
  • Texture Resolution: 4096Γ—4096
  • Formats: fbx; obj
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